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Searching for my mother ...

Hello everybody. My name is Jevgenia Butjaikina and I have been living in Karaganda from 1978-1988. I went to the skool number 3 and I lived on Bulvar Mira 26.

I am searching for my mother who stayed in Karaganda for some years , after I left Karaganda in 1988 and moved to Estonia.

I have no idea what happened to her only that she god married again to a man named Robert and they got 3 children, maybe only 2 . a girl names Valja and a boy Egorka. I am not 100 % sure..

Her girl name is Tamara Kastjura or Kostjura.

I really hope that somebody could sugest something or somebody who knows her or the people she has known.

I also know that her new husband Robert had a sister who was a teacher i the scool nr.3 in Karaganda and as far as I remember her name was Tatjana.

I really hope somebody can help me, by the way I do speak russian and read russian, so you can write in russian.

Best greatings from Jevgenia
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