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Re: Самостоятельная покупка, доставка с интернет-магазинов, например ebay.com в Караг

Незнал куда написать. Оставлю тут.
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Thanks for contacting eBay Customer Service about your report. My name is Cara and I'd be happy to help.

I see that you have provided an item number. We appreciate if you can provide more detials about your concern/situation so that we can take appropriate action.

We primarily communicate to our members in english but have noticed that you are from Kazakhstan. If you want to communicate with us in the language of your choice, feel free to do so and we will do our best to send you a translated response.

We look forward to hearing back from you so we can look into this.

By the way, it's nice to know that you are from Kazakhstan. I have friends who traveled there and I am hearing wonderful stories about the wide streets and cool fountains in Almaty. Your country is very beautiful! I hope I can visit there someday and try your famos kazi and chuzhuk!

Thank you for choosing eBay. We value your business.


Cara C.

eBay Customer Service
Особенно улыбнуло про казы и шужук
Ой-ёй-ёй, мама-мама, Люська с Манохиным переместились, надо же...
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